Hendrick Picks Up C1 Corvette Prize Pack at Barrett Jackson

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Rick Hendrick Barrett-Jackson

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another reason to envy Rick Hendrick, the car collector and NASCAR team owner goes and lands yet another prized rarity, which most here at Corvette Forum would love to own.

Except in this case, that beloved prize came packaged in a set of three classic models of the American sports car. According to Fox Sports, less than 24 hours after paying $1.2 million for the first 2017 Acura NSX at Barrett Jackson, Hendrick dished out another $1.65 million for first production model Corvettes from the years 1955, ’56, and ’57.

The collector also picked up a 1969 Corvette convertible for $525,000 at the auction. Though not a VIN No. 001, the car is still awfully rare in its own right, one of only 116 models built equipped with that L88 engine that put out 560 horsepower from the factory.

Hendrick also dropped $110,000 on a 1979 custom Peterbilt truck that helped portray Optimus Prime in the first Transformers movie.

I guess that certainly would qualify as a pretty good day at the auction.

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Via [Fox Sports]

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