Hertz Corvette Rental Lands Upside Down in a South Florida Canal

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[ACCIDENT] Hertz Corvette Rental Ends up In South Florida Canal
Photo Credit: Lannis Waters/Palm Beach Post

A red 2012 Corvette came to rest nose-first in a canal in Royal Palm Beach, Florida early Monday morning.

The two passengers in the car, which was rented from Hertz, were able to make their way out of the car and apparently suffered only minor injuries. Fortunately, a witness headed to work saw the accident and called 911 for help.

The wreck occurred at the intersection of Folsom Road and Okeechobee Boulevard, west of State Road 7, around 5 in the morning.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies said the driver lost control of the Corvette and hit a guard rail before winding up in the canal.

After a wrecker crew pulled the car out of the water, it was obvious that the car is a total loss, with the entire front fenders and hood torn off, along with the trunk lid. The convertible top was also down, so the interior was flooded with mud and water.

No word yet on whether any charges will be filed against the driver.

This video from the Palm Beach Post shows the Corvette being pulled from the canal by the tow truck.

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