How To Overcome Column Lock Failure

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waiting for my car to be serviced (oil/filter change), I noticed a Red 99
or 00 C5 (6-Speed )coming in on a flat-bed tow truck. As I suspected it
was being transported to the dealership for a Column Lock failure. The
tow drive unloaded the locked up car right in front of me and I SAW a tech
get in and shake the steering wheel back and forth a few times. The CL
\”unlocked\” and he drove it to the stall for the new GM approved CL
Since I have a 2001 6-Speed (not subject to the recall) and
have not added the CL defeat kit, I was interested how he unlocked the
car. The trick is in how you do it! After confirming it is locked, turn
off the key and REMOVE the key. Then shake the wheel back and forth
hard. You can then insert the key and drive it somewhere but DO NOT
remove the key again or you will be locked up until the fix is installed.
The important thing to note is to remove the key. It cannot be unlocked
if the key is in the circuit.
BTW, he has not seen a CL failure on
a 2001 and has had no 2nd time failures for cars fixed with the new GM kit
and had not had very good luck with the pull the special fuze procedure.
The tech had a box full of old CL\’s that had have been
You may want to remember this trick if you get stranded. It
is something to try before you call for the flat bed tow truck. I feel
sure verbal expletives will help 🙂

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