How-To Spotlight: Racing Your Corvette

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Have you ever had a desire to race your Corvette, either against the clock or others? If you said no, we would have a difficult time believing you.

It’s likely that you have not seen the video that the above picture was grabbed from. Two Corvette owners set up and ready for an impromptu drag race. It may be in most guys’ blood, inherited from generations gone by — we all want to win, to beat the other guy. It doesn’t matter what the challenge is — racing or otherwise, we all want to win. So you want to race your Corvette. It’s not a question, but more of a statement. We know that you do, we all do.

stingray race car

If you have not seen the Corvette race from the picture above, let’s just say that it did not end well for either of the drivers. Street racing, besides being illegal in most places, is inherently dangerous, not only for drivers and passengers, but others who may not even be involved. So let’s all do our best to avoid those contests. But what options are there available for those that still have the itch to compete in their Corvette? Well, that is where today’s How-To Spotlight article comes into play. There are actually a few options for you out there.

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Today’s article goes over racing options that are available to folks in various locations around the United States. Obviously, there may not be drag strips around for everyone to take advantage of, but various tracks are out there, not only in larger towns, but smaller ones, as well. Purists may say that one form of racing is better than the next, but it truly is a personal preference, and to some degree, what you feel works best for your Corvette.

So, check out today’s How-To article, then let us know your racing preferences?

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