1960 Corvette Shines With 280,000 Miles

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1960 Corvette passed down through the generations was never a garage queen.

Stories about classic Corvettes told in collector’s circles usually center around well-preserved, low-mileage models.

Rarely do you hear of someone racing out to buy a vintage ‘Vette with an insane number of miles racked up on the odometer. That’s something you more typically associate with a car that has gone down the tubes over the years.

1960 Corvette

That’s why Brian Hoskins’ 1960 Corvette with 280,000 miles got our attention. Daily Herald reporter Matt Avery came across the car at the 10th-annual Vettester’s Magazine Corvette Show in St. Charles, Illinois last weekend.

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One of the most interesting things about the high-mileage ‘Vette is that all of those 280,000 miles have been accumulated by members of the Hoskins family, throughout the generations. The Corvette was first purchased by Brian’s grandfather, Don Hopkins, at the urging of his wife, Erna. They bought the car after Don was left a pretty sizeable inheritance by an aunt who passed.

Soon thereafter, Don and his wife teamed up with a few other Corvette fans to form the Corvette Club of Iowa, which is still active today. Up until 1972, when Don passed, the Corvette was the only car the couple drove. That dates back to July of 1960, when the Hoskins traded in their 1956 Chevy 210 sedan to purchase the ‘Vette. Yep, Don and Erna were quite the Corvette fans.

In fact, Don was known for dusting his car off during lunch. But he never shied away from putting miles on the car. And he still managed to pull in quite a few awards.

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