How To Remove Power Antenna Motor from 1992-1996 Vettes

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Due to several e-mail inquiries, here are the instructions
for removing the power antenna motor for service BEFORE installing a new
antenna mast on 1992-1996 Corvettes.
Many owners (myself included) have
tried in vain to simply install a new antenna ribbon without inspecting
the motor first for broken sections of the old one.
The usual
result is an antenna that won’t fully raise or retract, even though the
motor works fine. Hopefully, this tech tip will save you from this
I’m not familiar with the design for 1984 – 1991
models, but the process should be similar.
I also understand from
other Forum members that the antenna motor design apparently changed in
1995 from housings that are screwed together to housings that are glued
together. If this is the case, it may be possible to pry the assembly
apart for inspection.
Anyway, here goes:
The power antenna
motor is visible from underneath the vehicle if you lay on your back and
look at it from the driver’s side of your car. Please protect your
eyes from dirt and other particles that may fall from your fender well
while you are working!
Some Forum members opted to place their
vehicles on jack stands and remove the driver’s side rear wheel first,
but I have long arms and did not have to do so.
1. Disconnect the
negative battery terminal. Note the way the motor is oriented as
installation is the exact order
of removal.
The motor is held
in place on its mounting bracket by two screws. Use either a socket wrench
with an extension or a screwdriver with a ratchet to remove the bolts.
Note that one of the bolts has a ground/power wire for the antenna.
2. With these two bolts loosened, you will be able to pull the
antenna down toward you enough to loosen the antenna gain and positive
power wires located at the top of the unit. With all these wires removed,
the entire assembly can be pulled down for access while leaving the wire
that lead inside the motor housing intact.
3. With the unit now in
your hand, roll up the black rubber sleeve that protects the unit from
moisture, dirt, etc. There
are approximately four Phillips head screws
that hold the cover on the motor housing. Remove these screws. Also,
the center nut that holds the antenna flywheel in place.
With the cover off, you will see the flywheel and the main gear
that raises and lowers the nylon antenna ribbon. You will also more than
likely find bits or long sections of your OLD ribbon. Remove them.
4. Now is the time to lubricate the main gear and flywheel with
either Vaseline or white lithium grease to ensure years of trouble-free
operation with your new ribbon.
5. Replace the flywheel (noting
its direction) and screw the cover back into place. Re-install the
antenna, connect all the wiring and hook your battery back up. Turn on the
ignition and radio and listen to see if the motor runs.
If it does,
you are ready to install your new mast. Just follow the directions that
came with it and you should be in great
Above all, be
patient. It took me about four hours the first time I did this because I
thought you had to remove the license plate, tail lamps and back up lamps
to get to the motor. You don’t! I could now do the whole thing again in
30 to 40 minutes (but hopefully not on MY LT-1 any time soon!)
Good luck and keep on waving!
1992 LT-1 Coupe, Dark Red Metallic on
black leather interior, auto, Z-51, FX-3. 84,0000 miles, Stock…for now.
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