How-To Spotlight: Brake Fluid Leaking

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Brakes Are One Component on Your Corvette That Should Not Be Taken for Granted

Stopping your Corvette while driving ought to be instinctive. In most cases, you shouldn’t think twice about the process. Take your foot off of the accelerator, place it on the brake pedal, add some pressure, and you start slowing down. But what if when you go through that process and it doesn’t work so well? Or, God forbid, it doesn’t work at all? Let’s all hope that you never need to think through that scenario.

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Fortunately, there is a time and a place to work through preventative measures. And that time is right now, with this week’s How-To Spotlight article, “Why is My Brake Fluid Leaking?”¬†Hopefully, it will help prevent that type of braking issue. But does changing brake fluid generally even enter your mind in regards to maintenance? The answer is likely no, and that needs to change.

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Not every braking concern will be caused by a brake fluid issue. There are ways to troubleshoot and figure out where you may be having a problem, or a potential problem. Our How-To spotlight also illuminates as much. It will help you find the issue, or at least to cross it off the list.

Do not wait until you see an issue rear its ugly head, though. That generally doesn’t end in a positive way. Don’t be the person taking braking for granted. Read this week’s how-to article and be proactive.

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