How-To Tuesday: Perfectly Polishing Your Corvette’s Exhaust Tips

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The details can mean all the difference. Yeah, the car itself is what shows most, but think about it, how often are you passing someone? If you’re like me, probably a lot. So if that’s the case, what is the last thing people will likely see of your Corvette? The back, and that means the exhaust tips.

This week’s How-To Tuesday article goes in depth on the quick and easy methods of bringing the back side of your Corvette up to speed with the rest of your car. That’s right, we’re talking about how to polish your Corvette’s exhaust tips. I would imagine that to some, polishing the exhaust tips may be taking it to the next level. But I would also guess that to others, if you don’t go this extra mile, you’re simply quitting on finishing the full detail of your car.


I would like to challenge you over the next week. Go the extra mile and pay attention to the back of the car in front of you. Keep a mental Rolodex of all the cars that you follow. What do you see? How many people are taking it to the next level with polished exhaust tips? Granted there are the people out there driving a beater and don’t care at all about the appearance of what they are driving. But still, I would be curious to know what you all find out there. Are you seeing that extra level and attention to detail on cars outside of the high-performance category? Are the ricers or grandpas winning the detailing award of the day on your daily commute?

Let us know what secrets you have, if they aren’t covered in this week’s article. Did we miss something? Do you have a product that works better than the next? Are you blinding the driver behind you when the light is just right? Let’s see your tips!

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