Is a 2JZ Corvette the Devil?

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While it’s not the worst engine swap story we’ve ever heard of, this is definitely not for everyone out there. What we have here is a C3 Corvette from 1973. It’s red, has all the right visual cues, and looks the part of an all-American drag car. It even has skinny tires up front and drag radials in the back.

But this isn’t a normal drag C3 Corvette. It’s something much, much different, because instead of being powered by a massive big block with turbos and nitrous, this C3 Corvette is powered by the devil… I mean a Toyota 2JZ inline six-cylinder engine.

According to the video’s description, the engine supplied here is a 2JZ from a Toyota Supra that has also been outfitted with a 76mm turbocharger, which helps it produce over 1,100 horsepower. The power figure in itself is fine, but there’s just something wrong with hearing that inline six-cylinder engine making its way down the strip looking like a Corvette.

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Via [1320video]

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