C3 Corvette Owner Turns Vandalism to Awesomeness in One Easy Step

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This is how you take lemons and make lemonade, folks. Corvette Forum member King Lear has a sweet 1972 convertible, but recently a heathen or two decided they wanted to mar his beautiful piece of American automotive history and gouged up the paint over the nose and down the fenders. Rather than have the entire car repainted, King Lear took a slightly different route and used this as a chance to cover the front of his C3 in flames.

I know that a paint modification like this is usually met with a lot of hate around here, especially on such a classic example of a Corvette, but with that incredible hood intake, and those massive side-pipes, this beast was just begging for a healthy dose of hot rod paint. I shouldn’t even have to talk about how awesome the black cherry coloring looks on the silver.

I applaud you, King Lear. This ‘Vette looks amazing, I think it’s a serious improvement, and despite what some others may think, adding flames is not just more vandalism.

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