Is Red or Yellow a Better Color For a New C7 Corvette?

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It’s a problem that nearly every Corvette owner has faced. You’ve sat down and figured out exactly what options you are getting, worked with the bank to get all your money lined up, and then comes that last big decision: what color is your new Corvette going to be? Every year there are new colors, special options, metallic finishes, and more. Color choice can dramatically change the look and feel of your new Corvette; this is a serious decision.

Corvette Forum member Mtol117 has jumped onto the C7 forum to ask for input on what color he should choose for his new Stingray, and I am here to make sure he gets the help he deserves. He has asked the masses if we prefer Torch Red or Corvette Racing Yellow for his new slab of sexy V8.

With that, we turn to our favorite decision making tool: the all-powerful poll. Pick your poison, lock in your vote, and let’s give Mrol117 a definitive answer!

What Color Should This New Vette Be?

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