How About Just Letting the Bear Drive?

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Bear 4

There’s something about this pic that makes me crack up.

Maybe it’s the fact that it reminds me of the movie Ted starring Mark Wahlberg as the best friend of the foul-mouthed bear. Then again, maybe it’s the fact that with the Labor Day weekend rolling in, I wanted to lighten up some and get ready for a few cocktails.

Either way, I find this series of photos of a Corvette owner trying to get an oversized bear in his car hilarious as hell. So much so, that I decided to add a few of my own captions on what the bear might be saying in a Ted-like voice.

I’ve also shared a clip from the movie Ted to help set the tone.

Warning: language in clip is unsuitable for the environs of the workplace.

Bear 1

“Hey, who gives a sh#t about the top right now, help me stand up.”

Bear 2

“Oh, yeah, sure because this is comfortable.”

Bear 3

“Now if I could get some help here, guys, instead of standing around picking your noses we could blow this joint.”

Bear 4

“Hey, this is what happens when you feed a bear pizza and beer all day and just sit around watching sports.”

Bear 5

“Whew. Finally! Now floor this hot rod and get me home before anyone sees me.”

Bear 6

“Good thing these seats recline.”

Bear 7

“Uh, question: are you gonna brake for every damn kid so they can wave at me like I’m some f*#king idiot, because if so, I’m gonna take the wheel.”

Hey folks, even old Detroit Steel needs a break from all the talk of  horsepower sometimes.

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