Killer C2 Corvette Restomod Has a Z06 Heart

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C2 Corvette

While many restomods take things too far, this C2 Corvette strikes the right balance between new and old.

Love ’em or hate ’em, the concept behind restomods makes a lot of sense. Take the unbeatable styling of an iconic car, add modern reliability, power, and comfort, and you’ve got the perfect combination. After all, automobile manufacturers just don’t build cars with style anymore. But they do build them with amazingly efficient, powerful, and capable powerplants. And when you combine the beauty of a C2 Corvette with the drivetrain from a C5 Z06, it doesn’t get much better.

C2 Corvette

That killer combination is only part of what makes this stunning C2 Corvette special, however. The new/old dream ride, which we spotted over at Barrett-Jackson, is also quite the looker. Those timeless lines look great covered in miles-deep Atomic Orange paint. And the chrome, staggered ‘Vette wheels are a nice touch, too.

A killer stance comes courtesy of an SR3 Motorsports chassis, further enhancing the performance of this old ride. Which, we’d imagine, is quite good with the LS6, 6-speed manual transmission, and deep 4.10 gears out back. Other modern niceties include power steering and Z06-sourced disc brakes, providing a truly modern driving experience.

Comfort wasn’t overlooked on this C2 Corvette build, either. The interior is awash in leather and the air conditioning blows cold. And yet, the style that made this car so special in the first place is intact. Which, in our opinion, makes it the perfect restomod. After all, some builders go too far. They try too hard to make something modern, often in places where that just isn’t necessary. And the results can be rather offensive.

In this case, the builder of this C2 Corvette thankfully left its iconic styling intact, opting to upgrade only what warrants an upgrade. Because why would you want to mess with something that’s already perfect?

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