Let’s get this Corvette Back to its Owner

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If there’s one thing that really irks me, it’s someone taking something that isn’t theirs, but when that something is a classic Corvette, it really pisses me off.

Corvettes of any year carry a high degree of pride for their owners, typically more than a lot of other vehicles because many work all their lives to finally own one. Of all the vehicles you can own in the U.S.,  there’s a great sense of personal achievement associated with the Corvette that you’d be hard-pressed to find with any other automobile.

The fact that someone would take one owned by another person cuts a lot deeper than having some other car stolen; however, stealing a classic ‘Vette, which has been nourished and treasured over the years, is even more despicable in my opinion.

For that reason, whenever I hear of one missing, I am compelled to share it with as many Corvette fans as I can, so others can be on the look out. This most recent one was taken from an Applebee’s parking lot in the town of Batavia, New York, which is in the western part of the state.

The vintage Corvette, stolen in early May, is described as a 1966 model with chrome side pipes and a black interior.

If you happen to see the car or think you might know of its whereabouts, please contact the New York State Police at (585) 344-3311 so we can get this gem back to its rightful owner.

Source [WIVB News]

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