Lightning McQueen Corvette Has a Heartwarming Story Behind It

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The Lightning McQueen Corvette on the road.

Pictures of this Lightning McQueen Corvette quickly went viral. It’s owned by a Corvette Forum member.

Some of you will already know this car and the husband and wife team that brought it to life. It was conceived as a way to put smiles on peoples faces and features in owners Brian and Kelsey’s charity work. This C6 Corvette first made a splash at the Cars 3 movie premiere. Now it’s a fixture at local children’s events and hospitals. The big-hearted couple takes kids that are stuck in hospitals for joy rides.

Lightning McQueen Corvette.

Recently the Corvette became even more popular when it was photographed during Texas’s recent gas shortage and went viral. As of writing, the tweet has over 42,000 retweets and a bunch of replies. Some from people that already know the car.

Brian (username ez2spd) purchased the 2005 Corvette in 2006. After marrying Kelsey in 2010, they enjoyed the car before eventually selling it for an F1C Procharged Z06.

A few years later, Brian was hankering for another Precision Red C6. It’s a rare color with only 1,304 cars painted before it was discontinued. They purchased their original car back after the second owner had put only 1,200 miles on it.

That’s when it became Project Supervette. They added a wide body kit, coilovers, fresh wheels, and installed custom leather seats. Under the hood, it makes over 600 horsepower thanks to a 2011 Z06 drivetrain and a 414 stroker kit.

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When it came to thinking of a way to put a smile on people’s faces, the couple recalled hearing a small boy call the car “Lightning McQueen.” For the visual transformation, a local San Antonio company called Rockin Monkey Designs put together a full vehicle wrap.

The Lightning McQueen Corvette.

For more details and pictures of Brian and Kelsey’s Lightning McQueen Corvette, charity work, and the children it brings pleasure to, visit Brian’s thread about the car here. It’s a testament to the fact that superheroes are real, and they don’t wear capes.

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