LMR Posts Highest HP Yet for C7 Corvette Z06

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Late Model Racecraft Corvette z06

The crew at Late Model Racecraft is at it again.

You know LMR, right? The guys who claim to “build and tune the world’s most powerful, quickest, and fastest C7s on the planet.”

Well, if LMR’s latest tinkering is any indication, they may very well be right about that boast. They’ve certainly outdone themselves, and if you know the company’s history, that’s saying a lot.

As posted in Corvette Forum, LMR has finagled their highest-ever horsepower numbers for the new Z06. Last week, while testing their “prototype lower harmonic balancer to increase boost,” LMR achieved some dino-sized dyno numbers: Maximum horsepower registered at 687.25, and max torque hit 674.88 lb-ft.

LMR z06 dyno numbers

While the pulley is working according to plan, the Z06 is currently running out of fuel pressure. Worry not, though — LMR has figured out a fix for the problem, and once they’ve got it solved, they are aiming for 750 rwhp-plus.

Can you say “vroom”?

There’s plenty more nuts and bolts in the thread, so head on over there to read more.

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