Looking for a C2 Corvette? This Hagerty Buyer’s Guide Video Should Help

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c2 corvette buying guide

Buying a car takes a fair amount of research and fact-finding, at least it does if you plan on making a responsible purchase, that is. That being said, buying a pre-owned and vintage Corvette can be even more painstaking; after all, the last thing you want to do is get stuck with someone else’s headache.

The experts at Hagerty often put together video buyer’s guides to help folks get better odds when making that significant purchase. As we all know, buying a vehicle that makes one happy and excited can lead to overlooking a few things, things that could come back and haunt you at a later time. This video should help you avoid that.

When it comes to the C2 Corvette, things like rotted windshield seals could just about flood your lovely interior, if the car is left outside during a storm. Other simple issues like blinking headlights (uneven pop-up headlights) could make your car and yourself look silly in public. Or non-matching numbers on major components could severely decrease the car’s value if acquired for collecting purposes. And there’s plenty  more to look out for.

So get your pen out, and start taking some notes!

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