2017 Corvette Z06 Will Finally Address Overheating Issues

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Not more than a few days ago, we reported on G-Speed’s attempt to solve overheating issues. Their aim was simple: find out why the Z06 overheats quite easily on track. It was an issue that GM had been shy to admit to, but finally they have heard our calls. The 2017 Corvette Z06 will address cooling issues. In some form or another.

We don’t know exactly what will be different about the 2017 model over the previous year, but according to G-Speed’s findings, hood vents and louvers won’t really do all that much. They ran the darn thing without a hood installed and only saw a difference of a few degrees. So any changes on the ’17 will seemingly be quite significant.

Corvette Forum members have already taken note, and are asking some very valid questions. Will Z06s earlier than 2017 be offered a retrofit to fix a known problem? How extensive are the changes to the cooling system? Will extra coolers be added? Right now, a load of speculation is going around, but all we know, thanks to Motor Authority, is that something will be done for the upcoming model year.

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Via [Motor Authority]

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