Florida Man Donates 1969 Corvette to Help Animals

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Man Donates 1969 Corvette

Collector’s love for muscle cars is as deep as his passion for pets. Mark Pieloch is a man we all should aspire to be.

A story centered on a Corvette and a lover of animals isn’t the type of thing you come across every day. Sure, we know there are lot of Corvette fans who have a deep affection for their pets. It’s just not the kind of thing that’s frequently talked about in the context of the American sports car, especially to the degree of the one detailed in a report by the Lincoln Journal Star.

Then again, we’ve never covered Florida car collector Mark Pieloch, a self-described lover of pets who has amassed quite a collection of muscle cars.

The idea of a Pieloch’s donating a 1969 Corvette valued at $70,000 to the Capital Humane Society probably wouldn’t come as a big surprise. Though, it still would be a story worth noting because of how it speaks to the giving spirit that’s common among Corvette fans.


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According to the local news source, the Corvette from Pieloch, who owns the American Muscle Car Museum, will be raffled to help raise money for the local humane society.

“I grew up with dogs, cats and other pets in a family with five kids,” Pieloch is quoted as saying during the donation ceremony at DuTeau Chevrolet in Lincoln. “Our dogs and cats were part of our family.”

In 2012, Pieloch donated $1.5 million to help the organization build its pet adoption facility. Yep, this guy’s the real deal when it comes to his passion for animals … and clearly muscle cars as well. His museum reportedly houses more than 250 vehicles.

If you’re interested in taking a shot at the raffle to win the classic ‘Vette, visit the Capital Humane Society’s website.

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