Motorcyle Popping Wheelie Into Corvette Caught on Camera

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Glad to see the guys at Live Leak were able to enjoy this clip, because I doubt it gets many laughs here at Corvette Forum.

If you know anything about driving in a state like California, where it’s legal for motorcyclists to split lanes, then you know the serious potential of being swiped by a passing biker. Still, nothing really prepares you for a stunt like the one captured in the video below, where a motorcyclist pops a wheelie and side-swipes a red C6.

Luckily, no one was injured during the incident but the Corvette suffered some front-end damage that certainly had the driver of the vehicle up in arms. That said, at least the motorcycle driver stopped and owned up to the mistake, because I’m sure there are some less responsible ones who would have fled the scene.

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Via [GM AuthorityLive Leak]

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