Old VS New Corvette Assembly Plant Pics Showcase Big Changes

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Modern assembly plants are usually robot filled, chemically neutral, antiseptic clean rooms with very little in terms of human interaction with the final product. If you look at the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, you’d immediately be struck by just how clean everything is. But it didn’t always look like this. Even just a few short years ago, things at the Corvette assembly facility looked rather different.


One of our forum members, corvetteronw, dug up an old picture from the facility back in 1981. It shows off a rather different facility than the one we all know today. In the picture, you see a rack of Corvette bumpers next to a trash can and work station. The place looks a bit grimy, and the floor is definitely covered in a lot of dirt and grossness. No wonder cars weren’t always up to snuff after leaving the factory in those days.

It’s a rather interesting look backwards, especially after the news that GM is investing another half billion dollars into the Bowling Green facility this next year. Crazy how far manufacturing standards have come.

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