New RideTech Bracket Gives C2/C3 Corvettes an Edge

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Ridetech 48 Hour Corvette

Chances are, if you own a C2 or C3 Corvette, you’ve experienced a few issues with trying to run wider tires on the front of your pride and joy. Well, RideTech is looking to ease your pain with a new steering box brace as a bolt-on reinforcement.

First developed as a prototype during the 48-hour Corvette build, the bracket is designed to work with the Borgeson power steering box and will simply bolt on to your existing system.

Installation takes just minutes, says the RideTech team, as highlighted in the company’s official press release, here.

Key features include eliminating steering box flexing issues, simple bolt-on installation, and a high-strength steel bracket that is powdercoated for a much more durable finish.

We think it’s safe to say that if it gives a car like the 48-Hour Corvette (which runs 315-30-18 tires) a huge edge on an autocross, it’ll probably be a big benefit for your C2 or C3 too.

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