Police Need Help Naming Repo-ed Corvette Z06 Cop Car

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Ah, Texas. The land of long frontage roads, straight streets, and really, absurdly fast cars. Most of the time those cars are owned by law-abiding speed freaks, but sometimes, good cars can fall into the hands of bad people.

That’s what the police of New Braunfels had to endure when they seized a 2007 Z06 from the large scale take-down of a drug distribution ring in the area. Instead of sending the car to the crusher or auctioning it off, they’ve taken the abused Z06 into their fold as an adopted cruiser—ostensibly to add some top-end to the police force.

There’s one thing that all good hero cars have that this one is missing, though: a name!

So the New Braunfels Police Department took to Facebook to put a call out to all concerned citizens. And some of the suggestions already submitted are just fantastic: Optimus Crime, The Baconator, The Crime Reaper, Corvette, and Taken are just some of the good ones.

Kids 8 to 16 can submit names for New Braunfel’s new Z06 until Friday September 18th. The lucky winner will get a chance to ride in the car and take a picture with it at the Comal County Fair Parade.

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