A One-Inch Crack Totaled This Brand-New Corvette Grand Sport

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This is all the damage it takes to render an otherwise perfectly gorgeous Corvette useless.

Road debris is a real concern, especially as our nation’s infrastructure continues to erode. Chunks of pavement are adrift. Potholes grow into craters. Bridges fall into disrepair. That’s not even mentioning the junk that could fall off the speeding truck in front of you. The mean streets of the world are becoming just that, and your finely tuned Bowling Green-built machine is low enough to be one of the most vulnerable cars out there.

Totaled Corvette Forum Member Car

Corvette Forum member “cdm85-251” recently found this out the hard way. Something on the highway jumped up into the car’s undercarriage, and aside from some loud clunks, he thought he’d gotten away without too much damage. No fluids were leaking. The car’s delicate bits seemed to be unharmed. Or so he thought.

But as he put in his post:

“I had the misfortune of being on an extremely busy interstate about a month ago when a vehicle in front of me went over a large rock or chunk of something VERY hard.

This interstate is eight lanes wide where I was at, and vehicles were all around me doing 70+/- mph, so I had nowhere to go and I couldn’t stop without causing accidents for others. I tried to straddle it, but it hit a number of places under the car. Luckily it missed anything with fluids.”


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Upon further investigation, he found a small crack in the rear transmission tunnel section of the Corvette’s frame. This part is completely non-serviceable. Because it’s a bonded piece of the frame that can’t be replaced without compromising structural integrity, it isn’t available from GM. As a result, the insurance company totaled the car. It’s scary to think that a Corvette can be taken out of commission as simple as that.

Who would have guessed that a monster of a car like this Corvette could be taken out by a chunk of road garbage?

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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