This ’71 C3 Corvette Predicts the C7 AeroWagen

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1971 C3 Corvette Wagon

Look past the hideous unicorn on the hood of this Corvette Wagon and you’ve got a practical, good-looking sports car.

The Callaway Corvette AeroWagen transforms the Chevrolet C7 Corvette from a high-performance sports car to an even better-looking shooting brake that’s capable of actually holding a weekend’s worth of cargo. But at $14,990 on top of the price of a Corvette, the kit’s a little expensive. For enthusiasts looking for something a little more affordable, Corvette Blogger found a C3 Corvette Wagon on Auction Zip for far less.

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1971 C3 Corvette Wagon

The 1971 C3 Corvette was offered as part of an estate sale and went to a lucky buyer for just $14,100. While that sounds like a steal, the car is a little rough. But it wears a custom wagon conversion kit from the ’70s, which niceely matches the car’s muscular lines.

While the wagon conversion kit looks pretty good on the car (it’s a hate-it-or-love-it kind of look) there’s no rear access, which means that the highest bidder will have to find a way to load items from the front seat.

Overall, the C3’s exterior is in rough shape, and, no this isn’t a typo, there’s a massive unicorn with rainbow wings on the hood. We’re not sure why the original owner decided to put that on the car, but it’s the first thing we’d cover up. The car is also said to need some electrical work.

1971 C3 Corvette Wagon

Under the body, which supposedly features “original custom paint from 71,” lies a 350 cubic inch engine paired to an automatic transmission. The brakes have been recently refreshed too. This C3 won’t win any drag races, but it will surely turn heads, especially if the new owner decides to keep the unicorn plastered on the hood. No matter what they do, at just $14,100, they got a great deal on one ’70s-tastic Corvette wagon.

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