OnStar Kill Switch Stops Corvette Thief

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Stolen Corvette

Chalk another big win up for OnStar.

In fact, if you own a General Motors vehicle the likes of the Corvette, this might be one of the best promo spots for the in-vehicle safety system we’ve seen. Although, the incident certainly wasn’t intended to be an ad for OnStar.

According to a KTLA 5 report, the nav system was used to catch a car thief who stole a Corvette from a car dealership in Culver City, California after police lost track of the suspect.

All in all, it took police two hours to apprehend the suspect after finally calling OnStar to activate the kill switch in the vehicle, which allowed police to arrest the thief without major incident.

It’s still unclear exactly how the suspect actually obtained the keys to the Corvette, but apparently a clerk was slightly injured during the heist. No word yet on the condition of the Corvette.

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Via [KTLA 5]

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