Rare ’86 Malcolm Konner Edition Corvette for Sale

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Now’s your chance to buy a unique, 1 of 50 Malcolm Konner Edition Corvette.

In the Golden Age of muscle cars, prominent dealerships often sold special dealer-modified variants of popular models. Dealer-spec cars offered improved performance, exclusivity, and free advertising for the lots from which they came. It might sound chintzy, but the result was cars like the famous Yenko Camaro, which was offered by none other than Don Yenko Chevrolet.

Chevy paid tribute to another well-known dealer with their 1986 Malcolm Konner Edition Corvette. Only 50 of these tribute cars were built, and one of them recently popped up on eBay.

What’s in a name?

Malcolm Konner was the owner of one of the nation’s most successful Chevrolet dealerships and a longtime friend of the brand. That’s how you get your name embossed on the back of Corvettes. But this special-edition car is more than just a sticker package.

The modified ’86 ‘Vette is a C4 body style in two-tone silver beige over black. Cosmetically, it’s near perfect. The car’s excellent upkeep continues on the inside and under-hood. That’s likely a perk of the impressively low mileage; this car has seen only 18,000 miles!

America’s sports car, American value

Making this car rarer still is the fact that it sports the Z51 suspension package, which features upgraded sway bars, shocks, and tires, along with a shorter rear-end gear, giving the car improved acceleration compared to the standard C4.

If you’re a collector looking for a good conversation piece, here’s an extremely exclusive Corvette that can be yours for less than $18,000. That’s a steal any way you slice it, and with such low mileage, you could choose to hide this beauty from the world and treat it as an investment, or drive it to work every day.

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