Rare Barn Find 1960 Corvette Is “Most Original” Around

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When it comes to classic Corvettes, this 1960 barn find might just be a gem among gems.

“I’ve messed with Corvettes for quite a while now. I think this Corvette is probably the most original ’60 model in existence,” owner Gary Skinner told HotRod.com about the C1.

The car only has 11,879 miles on the odometer and it sat in a shed for nearly 14 years, then spent another two outside before the original owner, Skinner’s neighbor, Ed Graye, built a pole barn in his yard to store the Corvette.

The story of the car is as interesting as the history of Corvette itself, which includes Graye having the car shipped 100 miles back to the Corvette plant in St. Louis to have the fuel injected 250-horsepower 283 switched out with a 270-horsepower dual-quad 283.


According to Skinner, Graye had driven the ‘Vette “real hard,” before parking her for good. Skinner suspects the reason for shelving the ‘Vette might be from some sort of incident. “He told me at 150 [mph] the left front tire went down and he almost flipped it. That was in 1968. He never drove it again,” said Skinner.

Skinner bought the car from Graye in 1986 for $7,500 and has been showing it off ever since.

“Every place I take it, it gets something. It’s just an eye-catcher,” said Skinner.

It’s a Hot Rod piece that’s definitely worth a full read. It’s certainly one of the best barn stories I’ve come across.

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