How-To Spotlight: Replace Your Front Calipers

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Brake calipers do more than just look good underneath the front fender of your Corvette.

The sixth generation Corvette is getting to the age where items are going to need to be replaced, if they have not been already. A couple of items that rank up there in importance are the brake system and the front calipers. General Motors did not necessarily skim on the quality of the calipers, but there are certainly products on the market that can and will make your Corvette stop a bit faster than the OEM parts will. Beyond all of the fancy paint schemes available to the aftermarket crowd, working through the replacement process for the front calipers is what we are going on about in today’s how-to article.

front caliper

Fair warning though: this DIY effort is not considered a beginner type of project. That doesn’t mean that if you have never worked through a caliper replacement that you will not be able to. That is what we are here for, of course.

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The article works through seven essential steps that you will need to follow. You’ll start with the basics of removing the tire, and work all the way through bleeding and replacing the brake fluid once you have completed the caliper replacement. There is even a link to the process of bleeding the brakes, if you have never worked through that project. In the end, getting potentially stronger brakes through new front calipers is never going to be a poor decision. Keep in mind the look of the caliper while working through part selections and you can tackle two things at once.

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