This Damaged C4 Part-Out May Save Your 1980s ‘Vette

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With some C4 parts unobtainable, this forum member may have the obscure stuff you need.

The C4 Corvette was a revelation, leapfrogging not only the C3 in performance and design, but matching many European exotics of the day as well. Unfortunately, plastics technology in the 1980s was yet to be on par with the rest of technological innovation, and that makes it difficult to keep a C4 looking new 30 years on. With copious glass, and budget-1980s plastic, the interiors got baked to death and started disintegrating on many otherwise nice cars years ago.

Thankfully, forum member Tom400CFI has a well-preserved 1989 car (that was stolen, and then in a minor accident) that is donating its drivetrain for another project, and he is willing to share the rest of the parts with you.

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Yes, Tom has fallen victim to the siren song of the Roadkill ‘Vette Kart, but the upside to all of you C4 members is you can get all the bits he isn’t using. Take a look at this thread on Corvette Forum, and see his reasonable prices. Also check out all the pictures; there are dozens of them. Many of the bigger parts are already gone, but there are plenty of little things available like the stuff you might not even know what to call. From the looks of the interior (except the leather seats) this car was either covered, or garaged out of the Sun most of its life, so even the dash and console were uncracked.

Unfortunately, the majority of the most desirable parts are already spoken for, but the list of available parts is still expanding as he strips the ’89 Corvette down to the bare frame. Tom really seems to be giving the forum a good-guy discount, too, with prices you just aren’t going to get on eBay or Craigslist.

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