Stars and Stripes Greenwood BFG Corvette L88 Race Car for Sale

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The Greenwood-campaigned Corvettes have always held a special place in my heart, and a special place in the history of automotive sport. This particular car is extra special, as there were three Greenwood Corvette chassis campaigned, but this one was the only car ordered from the factory with the L88 package. This mega-powerful C3 was hustled down the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans at over 215 miles per hour, which was a massive feat for what was essentially a street car. To make things all the more impressive, the car was entered wearing BF Goodrich’s LifeSaver radial street tires. No racing slicks for this car, these were real-deal tires you could buy from your corner tire shop back home.


As you likely know, the L88 package was essentially already a racing-oriented car built for customers to take to the track, with no luxury bits inside and a big 427-CI engine under the hood. The factory literature on the car quoted it as having 430 horsepower, but many say the engine produced far more than that, perhaps closer to 600 horsepower. During the course of this car’s racing career, the original L88 code engine was removed in favor of a 200-pound-lighter aluminum ZL1 engine built by Traco, which was good for somewhere around 750 horsepower. Both engines are included with the sale of this car.

If you fancy yourself a Corvette collector, or you want to be the biggest badass at your next vintage racing event, you need to get yourself this car. This monster Corvette can be purchased from Fusion Luxury Motors in Chatsworth, California, and you can see more information and photos on theirĀ website.

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