Steering Wheel Replacement on a Budget

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I just
completed replacing my steering wheel on a budget. I have a 85 with tilt
and telescopic. I installed a grant wheel with the hub adapter for under
$40.00, I used the hub adapter for up to 1989 Cadilac without telecopic
wheel their part # 3196. Advance auto parts is nice enough to loan the
puller at no charge. The horn wire can be attached to any of the three
brass tabs that are visable after the old wheel is removed, don\’t worry
about the wire twisting as everything you see there rotates together. All
you need is a 5/16-18,3/4\” long set screw to replace the telescopic star
wheel, which should have the final adjustment of the height done just
before the horn button is installed to form aprox. 1/8\” gap between the
post cover and steering column, the only compromise I made was lack of
telescopic adjustment after installation. I put the original wheel in
storage to be sold with the car or recovered at my leasure.

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