Stunning Restomod C1 Corvette Has the Coolest Paint at SEMA

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Heartland Customs C1 Corvette SEMA 2018

C1 Corvette is low, loud, and packing modern mechanicals under that retro bodywork.

Here at Corvette Forum, we’ve spent days binging on the amazing rides that SEMA 2018 has to offer. Which included, of course, a whole lot of incredible one-off Corvette builds. Choosing a favorite out of that stellar bunch is of course a subjective task. But we can say, with lots of confidence, that we have a favorite paint job at least. And it adorns the gorgeous flanks of Heartland Customs‘ restomod C1 Corvette.

The world of restomod Corvette builders is a pretty crowded one these days. But Heartland has emerged from that sea and really made a name for themselves in recent years with their “Specvette” program, along with other classic car makes and models. The process involves starting out with a real car, which is then outfitted with a modern chassis, drivetrain, and interior.

Heartland Customs C1 Corvette SEMA 2018

One thing we particularly like about this process is that Heartland doesn’t go crazy trying to change the exterior. Instead, they retain most of the original bodywork and 100% of what makes these old Corvettes cool in the first place. After all, they’re already some of the best looking rides ever produced. Why mess with what’s already nearly perfect?

On the other hand, the intensely metal-flaked paint job on this C1 Corvette is a massively welcome change. It’s hard to convey in words how amazing it looked under the lights at SEMA, honestly. The depth of the car’s many layers turned it into a veritable mirror, without going too far. Which, of course, is a fault many restomods tend to succumb to.

Capped off with a set of larger vintage-style wheels and an original yet finely restitched interior, it’s hard to argue with anything here. Oh yeah, and it’s also packing a thoroughly modern LS3 under the hood. With any luck, this stunningly executed C1 Corvette will help Heartland further establish their reputation as one of the finer builders around!

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