Corvette Forum Members Show off Their Killer Restomods

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While many Corvette restomods tend to go overboard, our members know how to build them just right.

When it comes to the Corvette (and pretty much every other beloved nameplate), restomods tend to conjure up mixed motions. Some people love ’em, some people hate ’em. But here at Corvette Forum, we appreciate a nicely reimagined classic just as much as the originals. If, of course, the builder doesn’t go overboard. And we’ve got a whole bunch of them to drool over right here in the forums. Conveniently enough, many of them reside right here in this particular thread.

Restomod Corvettes are a thing that Not Red Rob is obviously rather familiar with. And we’d say his taste is pretty much impeccable.

“Here are a few of mine….

’58 Twin Turbo LS1 sold last year
’57 Gen V LT1 8-Speed Auto
’63 Split Window LS1
’63 Split Window Twin Turbo Gen V LT1 Project
’65 LS3 ‘Fuelie’ Project”

Corvette Restomod

Hard to follow up a post like that, that’s for sure. But our members respond with some equally impressive new/old metal (fiberglass?) worthy of multiple magazine covers.

Corvette Restomod

Mark Nevill, for starters, has a pretty killer C1 Corvette restomod in progress.

“1961, Donovan D500, TH400, 9+ nine inch, four link, Rodtech IFS, four wheel disc, Vintage Air HVAC, Flaming River column, Halibrand 17 inch wheels, etc.”

Corvette Restomod

Factoid also has a ’61 that’s plenty beautiful. But in this case, it’s a bit closer to stock than all-out modern recreation. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Corvette Restomod

Then there’s chgc267‘s C2, which is an absolute show stopper.

“’67 LS3, SRiii Chassis, TKO 600, Dana 44, Evod Wheels and much, much more.”

Corvette Restomod

Not to be outdone by dcaggiani and his gorgeous red C2 sporting LS power, of course.

Corvette Restomod

And while we’re on the subject of red, how about firstgear‘s stunning C1 wearing that blazing hue and a set of nicely staggered rolling stock?

Corvette Restomod

Or if darker shades of red are your thing, how about jspan123‘s multiple award winning C1?

Corvette Restomod

Or perhaps Big Hit‘s amazing C2, which he likes to call “Black Widow?”

Corvette Restomod

One thing’s for sure – you won’t find a better virtual car show anywhere. Be sure and scope out all of our member’s amazing Corvette restomods by heading over here. And if you own one, post up some pics for us to drool over!

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