Corvettes Melt Tires at Carlisle Burnout Contest for Glory

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30 minutes of Corvettes roasting their rear meats is the most primitive yet entertaining thing you’ll see today.

Let’s face it, burnouts are the most primitive, wholly immature thing you can do in an automobile. But of course, we don’t care. No matter how old you are, generating giant clouds of tire smoke never fails to bring a smile to your face. Whether you’re the one doing the smoking or not. Thus, these 30 glorious minutes of Corvettes doing the deed at this year’s Corvettes at Carlisle is nothing more than a big old giggle fest.

Here you’ll see Corvettes of all ilk roasting their meats for nothing more than the approval of the large crowd watching them. But there’s actually a goal, believe it or not. This is a legit contest, where six folks face the goal of either smoking their tires for three minutes or blowing one up in a blaze of glory. Either is a glorious achievement in our book, of course.

Corvettes at Carlisle

The little kid in the Corvette cart gives it a good go, and her attempt is undoubtedly cute. But then the real competition begins. Well, that is after a white C4 can’t seem to get their tires to even turn. Thankfully, the next contestant in a silver ‘vert more than makes up for it. Sure, it’s one of the quieter burnouts we’ve ever witnessed. But you can’t deny the copious smoke output.

Corvettes at Carlisle

That valiant effort is followed by a group of interesting Corvettes. Including a body-less C3 that jumps the line a bit and results in an epic fail. Another Corvette cart rolls up and has more success. As does the blue late model fitted with drag slicks in the finale. All in all, some pretty impressive tire smokin’ action, and well worth the watch!

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