Superformance’s Corvette Grand Sport Revives an Icon

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For quite some time, Superformance has only been the home of replica Fords. The company built things like AC Cobras, Daytona Coupes, and Ford GT40s. It’s where you went for high-quality automobiles, but without the hassle of the cars being worth a fortune — meaning you’d actually want to drive them. Now, however, the company is branching off, and they have just added a new replica to the roster, a Corvette Grand Sport.

The Corvette Grand Sport came into being after GM was sick and tired of losing to Shelbys and Fords repeatedly. So, in a secret garage, with a secret budget, under a veil of — you guessed it — secrecy, Zora Arkus-Duntov was tasked with bringing the Corvette up to par with the Fords. After months of strengthening the car’s engine, lightening the chassis and bodywork by a staggering 1,300lbs, and a few other modifications, the Corvette Grand Sport was born. It went to work beating the Fords until the rules and regulations of the class it raced in were updated.

Now, Superformance is reviving the nameplate and building something you can either take on a long weekend drive, or back to its heritage at the track. From Superformance, you can have whatever engine you’d like, from an LS1, to an LS7, to an LSA. All fit in the Grand Sport’s engine bay. We spoke to Superformance a few months ago and were told when the company was developing the car, that they stuck an LS7 into it with stock suspension parts that closely resembled the original, and the car practically did a wheelie.

Head over to Superformance’s site and check out all the features.

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