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C4 Throttle Body Coolant By-Pass

This is just another view of this procedure that was published 6/15/01. Horse power can be increased by cooling the air that passes through the throttle body, My ’93 routes hot coolant through the throttle body to prevent the valve from freezing. The hot coolant also heats the air in the summer months. So, if […] More »

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LT1 Throttle Body Coolant Bypass

One of the most effective ways to cool your intake charge is to bypass the 180+ degree coolant flowing through your LT1 throttle body. The current purpose for the coolant flowing through the throttle body is to prevent it from freezing under extremely cold temperatures. This is great to keep if you park your LT1 […] More »

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Throttle Body Cleaning 101

Throttle Body maintenance 101: READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS ENTIRELY BEFORE STARTING THIS PROJECT! (YOU WILL NEED A DIGITAL MULTIMETER IF YOU TAKE THE TPS OFF! DON’T ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE TPS IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE, IT IS MANDATORY!) You should also buy the gasket kit from GM that includes the 4 gaskets and costs about […] More »

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