Taylor Swift Confused by Loud Car

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America’s sweetheart gets a shock in the form of a loud, angry V8.

You didn’t click wrong. You have correctly landed on Corvette Forum, what we hope is your favorite source for Corvette news and information on the internet.

What you are looking at, however, is a video of Taylor Swift, the singer. She has more in common than you’d think with the Corvette, though. Both are charming, irresistible, and widely considered to be American sweethearts.

In the above video from Billboard, Taylor Swift is interviewed about her Woman of the Year cover shoot from 2014. Clips from her hit song “Blank Space” are inserted in between interview questions. And the “Blank Space” video features a beautiful silver Shelby Cobra in the opening shots.

See? We’re talking about cars again, now. Unfortunately, Billboard didn’t include those clips in their interview, so we’ve shared the “Blank Space” below:

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Don’t even try to act like that song isn’t catchy as heck. Zero judgement from us if you tap your feet, nod your head, or listen six times in a row. Back to the Billboard interview, though, as there are a few outtakes at the end of the video, which is the main reason we’re here talking about Tay-Tay.

During one take, a loud sports car speeds by in the background. It’s pretty muffled, but we can convince ourselves that it’s a big, burly Corvette V8. A frightened and confused Taylor asks, “What is that, even? Is it a spaceship?” Is Taylor swift ever not completely adorable?

Fearing for her life, Taylor adds, “Nobody cares that I want to get home to see my cats and watch Friends!” Oh, Taylor. We care. A lot. And we would love to get you home safe and sound in the passenger seat of our spaceship, er, Corvette. Have your people call our people.

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