Galaxy Wrapped Corvette: Hot or Not?

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If we were fond of dad jokes, we would say this ‘Vette’s looks are out of this world.

Wraps are not something we talk about a lot here on Corvette Forum. Most of you guys prefer a nice, long waxing session to protect your cars, rather than wrapping your whole ‘Vette in one giant sticker. But NinjamanZ51 has given us a chance to further the conversation by providing us with images of his galaxy-wrapped C7.

Surprisingly, we find the sharp lines and dark accents of the Corvette really work well with the purples, pinks, and blues of the galaxy image wrapped around his car. When you add in those amazing bronze wheels, it just ties everything together perfectly. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and not everyone in the office agrees that this car looks amazing. Some of us think that it looks too “stancey,” others too “spacey.” So when we find ourselves in a huge argument, we turn to you, our wonderful members, to solve the quandary.

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With that in mind, please make your way down to the bottom of this post and share your thoughts in our totally scientific and probably legally binding poll. Let the Corvette Forum office members know just how wrong they are, (or right, you know, depending on their side of the argument). When you finish there, be sure to hit the actual forum thread to see a few more photos of this amazing car. And feel free to share some more detailed thoughts on why you think it’s amazing and/or awful.

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