Danny Reed’s Impressive Corvette Collection Proves Size Doesn’t Matter

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When you think of vehicle collections, you probably think of massive Taj Mahal garages full of historic cars. However, you shouldn’t think of a collection by the size of the garage or the amount of cars. You should think about the historic reference of the cars in that collection. While Danny Reed may only have three Corvettes, they are some of the best and historic of the brand.

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If you want Corvette history in a condensed form you have to give it up to Danny Reed, as highlighted by RideCache. Reed’s three Corvettes are some of the most impressive outside of the Corvette Museum. The first, and his first NCRS Duntov Award winning car, is his 1964 Corvette drop top. It’s rare, and we are talking one out of 138 rare. This is a 365HP, air conditioning equipped roadster, which makes it even more rare, since a majority of the High-Horsepower/AC ‘Vettes were nearly all coupes.


Then there is his 1962 Corvette Convertible that is original and numbers matching from the drivetrain to the wiper motor and beyond. It’s equipped with an original 327 and is extremely documented with the original bill of sale along with letters and pictures of the original owners, the Norton Family.


Finally, and the most rare and possibly most historic of all, is the “Astrovette.” It’s one of only three Corvettes designed and built by GM for the crew of NASA’s Apollo 12 mission. It is also the only surviving example of these already exceptional when new cars.

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