Tire Noise Reduction and Cabin Heat Reduction

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This tech tip will reduce cabin tire noise and also heat from the tunnel
I went to Lowes home improvement and bought this aluminum
product. it looks like the aluminum products used to deflect heat from
windshileds.. I bought a roll 2 ft by 25 ft.. for 25 dollars and a roll of
batting I will post pictures..
I removed the rugs in the trunk and
covered the trunk area with this product.. it is moldable and I taped the
sections together using duct tape..I also did the wheel well tubs..the
verticle wall behind the seats…. removed the seats and the console and
the surround pannel around the shifter and radio.. I covered all this area
with the silver stuff and added some batting around the shifter and the
radio and some along the sides of the tunnel… I did the floor under the
seats…then i moved to the outside of the car.. jacked up the rear
wheels removed the 8 screws that hold on the inner wheel wells…there are
seven inside the wheel well and one under the rocher panel about six inces
forward of the tire.. I stuffed batting between the fender and then inner
cabin area… making sure i did not cover the drain for the gas fill
compartement .. and on a coupe make sure you do not cover the drain holes
for the hatch…. after stuffing as much batting as i could i covered the
wheel wells with the silver stuff then put the inner wheel wells back..
and found a great reduction in the tires noise level..You can also search
for pictures using the search feature..of the forum finding a tread called
My idea on Tire noise reduction..

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