How-To Tuesday: Corvette Pull

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As much as I would like for this week’s How-To Tuesday article to be about the metaphorical pull of the Corvette and all the wonderful things it represents, that simply is not the case. Today’s article discusses another pull: the inexplicable pull you’re feeling as you drive your Corvette. The pull that you can’t put your finger on. The one that we are going to help you figure out.

If you have been driving long enough, you’ve likely fought a steering issue. In most cases it’s probably when the car is trying to take itself one direction while you were hoping to go another. (Of course, with the Corvette, that may be caused by lighting the back end of the car up, but in this case we aren’t talking about something intentional.) Whether you are fighting a front-end “pull” or a back-end issue, there is going to need to be some troubleshooting. In some instances you may be able to crack the problem on your own without needing to drop some hard-earned money at the shop.


Check out this week’s article for a couple of tips and places to start your search if you are fighting a pull in your Corvette. The article goes over six different potential places to investigate, which could be causing your Corvette’s control issue. While the article is aimed towards the C5, C6, and C7 specifically, these points are valid for other models and cars too. This is not something relegated only to high-performance sports cars.

Even if you are not struggling with steering in your Corvette, it doesn’t mean that you never will. Read through this article and you may be able to ward off some of the issues before they become something serious.

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