How-To Tuesday: Give Your Corvette a Radar Detector

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Vette cop

Sometimes avoiding the scene pictured above can feel more difficult than it sometimes needs to be. I would love to say that I know that each and every one of you obey all traffic laws at all times. I would love to say that I do the same while I’m driving my Corvette. Well, I don’t know you, but I do personally, on occasion, go one and sometimes two miles per hour over the speed limit… when traveling down hill and coasting, obviously. And I’ll bet that you are the exact same way!

Unfortunately, I’ve been told that there may be one or two of you out there that, accidentally I’m sure, break the speed limit. No one here is condoning speeding, especially in excess. That said, there are a few products on the market that can help potentially give you a warning that local law enforcement may be looking for you. What am I talking about? A radar detector, of course! While they may be illegal in some states (not mine), you’ll need to check yours for specifics.


Luckily for you, this week’s How-To article is all about installing a radar detector in your Corvette. Yet another interesting article in Corvette Forum‘s How-Tos section, this one walks you through the installation process of hard-wiring a radar detector to your Corvette. The article is quite detailed and specific, which is good for people like me who may not be as technically inclined as some of the rest of you.

We all want to avoid seeing Officer Farva walk up to your Corvette, meow, don’t we? So let us know what worked well for your installation. What product do you recommend? Hard wired or non-permanent? What’s your set-up look like? Help us all avoid a super disappointment in the rear view mirror.

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