How-To Tuesday: Quick-Detailing a C4 Corvette with Meguiar’s

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Let’s start this How-To Tuesday article by saying that the car featured here is one of those that should be considered, “Good from far, but far from good.” I should know. It’s mine. This 1987 Corvette convertible was my daily driver for five years, and I put approximately 100,000 miles on it from when I started driving it until it retired from a full-time schedule. So what can Meguiar’s products do to help my car? Let’s find out.

The picture above was a “before” picture. I hope you already expected that. It had a bit of dust on it, and some small water spotting from the last basic wash. As you can tell, the tires are looking pretty plain. The interior was basically the same: dusty. It was looking just plain tired when I backed it out of the garage.

I started with the Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner. Not much to say with this particular product. It worked as well as expected. No spotting, which was nice. I’ll keep my eyes on whether it keeps dust away longer than an untreated window.

The Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner is a solid product. Unfortunately for Meguiar’s, using this on the interior of my Corvette may be somewhat of a lost cause. I did take the bottle to my daily driver, though, and saw a noticeable difference in the before and after. If Meguiar’s could make a product that could completely renew leather, I would probably buy stock in it.


Next up was the Ultimate Quik Wax. It was really easy to use by simply spraying on and wiping off using the Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel. Even though there was a touch of dust on the car, the product did a fantastic job cutting through it and bringing out what is left in nearly 30-year-old paint. I used this on the entire car, and I was really pleased with how easy it was applied and removed.

The product that made the biggest impact on my Corvette was the Endurance Tire Spray. It was easily night-and-day after the application. It made the tires look brand-new. I even used a small applicator and applied the tire spray to the black trim around the center of the car. I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with the ease of application and the difference it made.


The Ultimate Quik Detailer should have been the first product that I used, retrospectively, but it was my first time using these products. I tried it out on the convertible deck top, and didn’t really notice a difference to be honest, but again, next time I’ll know better. I’ll give it another go in a few weeks, and see how well it works.

So what are my end thoughts? My biggest takeaway is that they were all extremely easy to use. I dig the fact that the Quik Wax leaves no residue. The microfiber towels were really great. But my most favorite product was the Endurance Tire Spray. Spray on. Wait about 10 minutes. Use an applicator pad and make sure it’s where you want. Apply again (if you want a really wet look), wait another 10 minutes. You’re ready to go. I took the car out after my detail session, and had a lot of great looks. Sadly, until Meguiar’s makes a product that makes paint fill back into chips and cracks, takes away sun fade, and completely renews leather, I think my Corvette is out of luck.

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