Two-Tone Corvette Should be Hidden Forever

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There’s a reason some concepts should just be left as concepts, and this is one of the best examples why.

I’ll reserve saying everything I really want to say about this thing, considering this is a public forum, but this is one Corvette idea that should have been kept behind closed doors.

This two-tone thing is a complete disgrace to the Corvette nameplate, and about the only thing it’s missing are those fake wood panels found on the old Jeep Wagoneers.

Honestly, I dislike this one more than that antifreeze green C7 I talked about last week, and that says a lot. Hell, even GM pushed to get this project axed. Unfortunately, nine of them managed to make it out into the world, according to an Autoblog report.

This one, built from a 2006 C6 ‘Vette, was created by Z and M Customs as a tribute to the Corvette Stingray concept that played the Autobot Sideswipe in the second Transformers film, and is reportedly being sold on eBay.

I’m betting this is one product placement car that GM wishes it would have never agreed to — blockbuster film or not.

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