Just Listen to This Race-Ready C2 Corvette Stingray Rumble

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C2 Rumble

In the mood for a great sounding Corvette exhaust note? Well, this C2 featured in the video below should be music to your ears.

We first stumbled upon this menacing looking ‘Vette in a Car Buzz report, which didn’t have much information on the Stingray. And the video’s description only notes that the car has been “race prepared.” So we don’t really have an idea of what’s under the hood. But from the sound of the car’s rumble, it must be a beast on the raceway.

In fact, it might make for a pretty cool ring tone. On second thought, some things are better left appreciated in their more natural state. Although we certainly would love to hear this Corvette in action on the track.

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Via [Car Buzz]

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