2018 National Corvette Museum Spring Bash Video Tour

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Shots of the many Corvette models in attendance, a revving C7 ZR1 and a drive in a C6 Z06 are all a part of this virtual journey.

This tour of the 2018 National Corvette Museum Spring Bash comes to us from the P&B Car Reviews YouTube channel and if you missed the big event in Kentucky, this 20-minute video provides a great look at what the show is all about. From track time to the car show to a quick spin in a C6 Z06, this video brings the Spring Bash experience to your computer or phone.

New Grand Sport Corvette

Heading to the Spring Bash

The video begins with one of the channel’s hosts explaining that he is heading out to the National Corvette Museum Spring Bash, after stopping to pick up his co-host. Before going to the sprawling show area, the two hit the race track across the street from the museum, and starting around the 3:10 mark in the video, we get a look at the action along the long front straightaway.

Corvette Race Track NCM

It is hard to see exactly what variety of Chevy supercars are storming down the track, but they all sound great, and this short portion of the video provides a look at what goes on during the track time of the event.

Onto the Show

After visiting the track, the hosts head to the massive car show of the National Corvette Museum Spring Bash. The two walk around the grounds, showing us Chevy sports cars from all different generations while taking an obvious focus on the newest models.

NCM Spring BAsh Crowd

In addition to checking out plenty of C7s up close, there is some footage of one starting, idling and revving starting at the 5:45 mark. At the end of the video, they check out the interior of that same supercharged supercar, along with a closer look at the exterior of it and another new ZR1.

Driving the C6 Z06

Around the 14-minute mark, the video hosts head out onto the road with a borrowed bright red C6 Corvette Z06. They spend a few minutes cruising around the Bowling Green area, including a couple quick pulls, with the power of the LS7 getting them both laughing like little kids.

Driving a C6 Corvette Z06

At the end of the video, they talk about the different freebies that they collected at the event, capping off a great 20-minute tour of one of the biggest Corvette events in the USA.

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