Vintage C1 Corvette Goes up in Flames

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up in flames

Someone in California is reeling from the loss of their C1 Corvette in the worst way possible. Somehow, the Corvette went up in flames while parked on the street. Without an extinguisher on hand, a passer-by recorded the incident as it unfolded. Video of the slow-spreading fire can be seen below. Eventually firefighters arrived and put out the flames, but it’s unknown if the Corvette was salvageable. Judging by the raging fire in the video, the chances look very slim.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. This certainly serves as a reminder that it’s good to keep an extinguisher in your garage. Several classes of extinguishers are available for both gasoline and electrical fires (throwing water on an oil or grease fire is just about the worst thing you can do). If you have extinguishers already, today’s a good day to make sure they still have a full charge. And if you don’t have an extinguisher, you have a better excuse than ever to go get one. If this post prompts you to go out and get a fire extinguisher for your garage, then it was worthwhile to write. Although the owner of this poor ‘Vette might disagree.

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VIDEO: Vintage Chevrolet Corvette catches fire in EncinoA vintage Chevrolet Corvette went up in flames in Encino.

Posted by ABC7 on Sunday, August 21, 2016

Via [ABC7]

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