C6 Corvette Z06 Takes on 1,160 Foot Hillclimb

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Here’s a C6 Z06 pulling off a feat that some of the most loyal Corvette fans probably never imagined it was capable of – or would be willing to try.

Despite the well-known capabilities of the high performance ‘Vette, you just don’t typically think, “hey, this would be a great car for hill climbing at 100 mph.” But that apparently didn’t stop one guy from hopping in a Z06 and tackling the idea.

In the KriderRacing video below, the Z06 can be seen participating in the Hoopa Hillclimb event in California, a no-holds-barred race consisting of 12 turns over a 2.2 mile stretch of a 1,160 foot climb. Participants often exceed speeds of 100 mph, with no guardrails to protect them if things go awry.

Just watching the driver in the clip gives me chills. But then again, I prefer enjoying Corvettes on much flatter grounds, so a 1,160 climb probably wouldn’t be my thing. Or most people’s thing, for that matter.

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