What’s New This Week: Press Release Roundup

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by John Coyle
Corvette Forum

My Jaguar XJ6 had an automatic, and so did my old pickup. But all my other cars have been sticks, it fit those vehicles, but I’ve always preferred rowing my own gears. So it’s been depressing to see standards disappearing, and even more depressing to see what a dismal percentage of populace can drive one. So it was cool to see a story about how manuals are making a slight?very, very, slight?improvement against the automatics. Save the manuals!

* Probably the only reason you’ve never bought anything at Barrett-Jackson is because nobody has ever agreed to pay your way. Well, no you don’t have any excuse, because Direct Lift is offering to send a lucky winner. Enter here! Direct Lift 
* Does it seem like you’re seeing a lot more commercials for auto insurance lately? Because consumers are apparently switching providers in record numbers. Think the guy who thought up the British gecko got a raise? JD Power 
* Fisker didn’t score a ton of points when Consumer Reports had trouble testing its Karma last month. But the company is aching to prove itself, and has entered an extended-range model in the inaugural Bodensee-Elektrik Rallye in Munich. Good luck fellas. Fisker
* You probably know that Optima makes the best batteries in the business. You also probably know that they’re a lot more expensive than some of their competition. But if you don’t want to settle, this is the time to buy a new Optima battery. Until the end of the month, customers can get $25 cash back after purchase. OPTIMA
* I knew that the ZL1 was going to be a bitchin’ Camaro, but this week some of the General’s engineers went out to the dragstrip and laid down some pretty wicked 1/4 mile times. How wicked? How about 11s? GM Media  

John Coyle is a longtime auto journalist and editor who contributes to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among many other sites.

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